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    that story is so funny but im pissed they kicked the cat thats probably why he went berserk

    i get the cat jumped on the baby but lol keep the cat out of the room when the kids playing on the floor that way neither of them get hurt or jealous

    also goddamn cats…

    Same about dogs im In the same situation. Seeing that someone else feels the same way might help me get to keep my dog.

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    It’s like when I run a red light in GTA I look for the cops to see if they are going to pull me over.

    It’s like when I run a red light in GTA I look for the cops to see if they are going to pull me over.

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    Im crying so fucking hard right now. I don’t wanna talk about what happened, but we have to find our dog Coco a new home. We can’t keep her anymore. I got Coco in January ‘13, which is about a year ago when she was a little over 1 at the time. I right after I took her in I got some devastating news and I would cry every night, and every night she would get in my bed and cuddle with me and kiss my tears away. We were inseparable. I got her toys and treats and loved her to death, everyone loved her. Doug and I started living together, then we found out we were going to have a baby and omggggg. The way she loves/loved Doug was adorable she would kiss him all the time and get jealous of us cuddling and always try to get in between us. When the baby would kick Coco would lick my belly and sniff it omg. When we brought the baby home from the hospital they instantly loved eachother. The way she protects him and watches himx cries whenever she hears him cry is so gentle and loves to cuddle him Its beautiful. Im gonna miss my beautiful dog so much I love her. If you have ever lost a friend then you know how I feel. Our bond is so strong I can’t believe it’s over. It’s like a chunk of my heart is ripping out, I’m losing my first baby pretty much. Omg time has gone by I wish things were different so we could keep you. Now to spend my last days with you while we find you a good home to go to. I know I’ll never be able to see you again. (Depending on who takes you) but it will NEVER be the same. You’re the best friend I could ask for. I’ll never be able to cuddle with another dog the same way again. No one will understand how much you mean to me coco, coco roco, Coco butter, cokey, booboo, momma, pookie, wubba, baby coco. We love youuuuuuuu.

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    The perfect wedding..

    Okay so I’ve been thinking about how I would want my wedding to be. Even though it’s going to be a while before we set a date and all that, it’s definitely going to happen. Here are 2 ways I would like my day to happen;

    Okay the first is a regular wedding, but I want to have it outside. But not like outside in a forest, I want to have it in like a barn lol. It would be in the spring like May-ish and it would be the cutest vintage country style wedding you’d ever seen in your life. We would set the chairs up outside the barn for the actuall reception, unless it rains then we would go in the barn. I saw one of these signs for weddings saying that ‘today is the day two families are joined as one so pick a seat not a side’ something like that. Then for the party we’d have a dj, inside there would be a ton of mason jars we candles all over the place for lighting, and we would dance alllll night long.

    My second idea is to elope. But like I would want Doug to like get a ring dress and scoop me up and take me to like vegas or whatever and it would be a huge suprise and thoughtful and romantic and there. boom. Honeymoon.

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